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10 Mistakes to Avoid as an Author

  1.      Self-Doubt:   Have you ever had a great idea that got you really excited but as soon as you start this new endeavor your excitement turns to doubt or negativity and you say to yourself that this is too much work or too difficult which then has you giving up?   Always remember that Rome was not built in a day.   Achieving greatness is a lifelong pursuit.   Hard work and consistency are the anecdote to self-doubt.   Your first obstacle should be viewed as a learning opportunity and a foundation upon which to build your skills.   Reach out to friends to get their perspectives or ideas.   Do your homework.   Find out how others may have solved a similar problem.   Invest in yourself to learn this new skill.   Pace yourself so that you do not get burned out.   For some people writing comes very easy and for others they must work really hard at it.   Remember that those things which are difficult at first can become a strength.   My wife used to say how amazed she was that other wr